Cam2cam free belgium Females who are promiscuous act that way because it is natures way of dealing with inbreeding researchers have claimed.Scientists believe findings from a recent study may explain why female animals have multiple mates despite only needing a single male to breed.A recent scientific journal article has suggested that in inbreeding populations the female becomes more promiscuous to screen out sperm from genetically incompatible males.Bed alert Females are promiscuous to prevent inbreeding says a new studyAcademics from the University of East Anglia used flour beetles in a study and found the breeding success of females in regular populations was identical whether mating with one male or five.However when they conducted the same tests with an inbred population females mating with just one male showed a 50 per cent reduction in the number of surviving offspring produced.Polyandry where a females eggs are fertilized by multiple fathers is the norm in most species from chimpanzees to chickens.The scientists say that the results show females possess mechanisms that allow them to filter in the genetically most compatible sperm to produce more viable offspring.RELATED ARTICLESShareThe team then deliberately created genetic bottlenecks of inbred beetles and found that after as few as 15 generations the famels began to mate more frequently and with more partners.Prof Matthew Gage said By generating inbred populations we were able to create real risks of hi

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